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the following services ;

( 1 ) arrangement made in order to lodge at hotel with reasonable price ;

( 2) arrangement made to get inland and abroad air-tickets ;

( 3 ) motor car or bus for use in the tour programmes inland the towns and cities of Myanmar;

( 4 ) provide the tour guides to accommodate with the guides' experience and cordiality ;

( 5 ) provide the lunch, dinner or supper with delicacy at cheap price ;

( 6 ) may visit around either package or individually under the following programmes as you please ;

( a) program to visit famous places, sites or cities in Myanmar ;
( b ) program to visit Yangon City and nearby pleasant sights ;
( c ) study -tour to orphanage school ( s ).
( d ) program to visit and hold prayer for those Westeners ( Britons,
Americans, Japanese) who died during the Second World War ;
( e ) program to visit beautiful sceneries at pleasant sea-resorts of Myanmar .

Our company will provide any arrangement to any tourist or guests to meet satisfaction for any pleasurable program to enjoy during visiting period.


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